Saturday, April 2, 2011



On Saturday, after our mission’s breakfast at church, the kids and I went to my mom’s house for the afternoon.  My little brother had on a new shirt that he had just bought, and after telling him how great it looked on him, I asked if I could take his picture! With kids, usually I’m the one doing the bribing to get a good picture… With my little brother however, it was the other way around…

“I’ll let you take my picture IF you come out and play basketball with me.”

He didn’t have to ask me twice- deal!

After I grabbed a few shots, he destroyed me at basketball. I haven’t played in so long. All that running and jumping… Let’s just say that I’m out of shape. Not to mention, the girls seem to think that basketball is a contact sport and they were attempting to tackle us. They also successfully tackled eachother several times. In the mud. In their church dresses. They were a mess. Rob, just kept shaking his head at them.


After fulfilling my end of the bargain and playing basketball for a bit, I went inside to find Prayer teaching great-grandpa how to play Wii bowling. I’ll have to share those pictures later.


Oh, and Ella made progress today- she actually let Grandpa hold her! Without freaking out! When we got home, Scott asked her if she was nice to Grandpa… Her response,

“Yes. Grandpa’s so funny.”


“He’s very, very dark.”


“But he’s just black!”

We couldn’t hide our laughs!

We used to think that she was scared of him because he’s black, but she isn’t scared of other black people. She would go to everyone on my dad’s side. Even my uncle, who’s black and about 6’5”…  We may never know what was so scary about Grandpa…

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  1. Nana said...Robert's shirt is very nice, I like it.
    LOL!!! Poor Grandpa, That is so funny, I wish you could have taped it for me. I can just picture Ella's face as she is telling you this. :)


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