Saturday, April 23, 2011



My quilt is FINISHED!!!

I stayed up late last night and finished the binding by hand (I can’t imagine when they had to make the entire quilt by hand!) then I threw it in the washer first thing this morning to give it that “crinkled” quilt-look. Ahhh…

I was so relieved to have it done! I have always wanted to make a quilt- since I was a little girl, and my great-aunt made me one and sent it to me. I’m already planning my next one. Now, I know a whole bunch of things that I WON’T do! :) I wouldn’t want anyone to look at it up close- but hey, it’s my first attempt…

My only problem is, I don’t know where I’m going to put it! I tried it as a throw on the couch, but it just really doesn’t look right with our current wall colour. Maybe after we paint in the summer? Maybe on a girl’s bed? I had planned to make it queen size, but it doesn’t quite drape over the bed like it should.


And a picture of the back, just for fun…


I wanted something that would POP and hide stains… ha! Hiding stains, is a must in this house!

Woo… going to cross “Make a quilt” off my bucket list!


  1. GORGEOUS quilt!! I quilt, too, so I know the love and time that goes into each stitch!
    I love your blog to pieces!
    Happiest Easter to you and your family! :)

  2. LOVE it!!!! Congratulations!!! Now share all of your secrets with me! :-P I would love to make a quilt of these days...
    It is so pretty, Jac! Definitely love the color selections!

  3. wow!!! congrats...i love. beautiful. i wish i could do that!!!

    happy easter to you all!

  4. LOVE...and I know where it can go until you paint your place!! ;) Great job jac-it's a beauty!

  5. that quilt is GORGEOUS!!! love love love the colors and fabric. you have such a great eye for that stuff.

    i have never attempted a big quilt, only baby quilts. in the process of making two for my newest nephew due soon... just not sure of the design. should i go for simple (and easy) or for more work with smaller squares? simple looks more modern, smaller squares look more country. what to do?

  6. Wow well done! I've always wanted to make a quilt!
    I'm saving all my old t-shirts and hopefully I'm gonna make one with that..
    I love yours, it's beautiful!


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