Friday, April 22, 2011



Forgive the crummy quality- that’s all I’ve got.

On another note- you may not be able to see Keona’s face, but you sure can’t miss her bag! She was trampling over little people to get that chocolate!

We gave Jeddy and Ella, a 30 second head start. Plus, we purposely put some stuff down at their level so they could find it right away.

The last place prize goes to… Eve!

Notice the pout? Ha! Her sisters just kept beating her to everything! Though after this picture, she found a stash of eggs behind a picture frame!

I counted the big eggs and lifesavers, but I have a feeling we may still find some little chocolate eggs hiding here and there.


We relaxed the rest of today. Like, stayed in pyjamas, watched movies, played games, and ordered food.

It was the perfect day off!


  1. Grandma says... I love the expressions.. Eve's lips... Charity's skirt, etc, etc! Love you all!


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