Thursday, April 21, 2011



Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Sponsored by Grandma


Scott and I had serious trouble not eating all this loot while we were hiding it! I’m pretty sure he stashed quite a bit in his pockets…

I got to go out for dinner tonight with my Mom and my sister. We didn’t embarrass her and have them come sing to her or anything- we just enjoyed a nice dinner and chat together. It was a nice reminder of old times.  :) Just as we were finishing dinner, Scott called to remind me to pick up some Easter eggs while I was out. Oh yeah, it’s Easter weekend! After we dropped my sister off at her place, we went to Shoppers on the way home. We usually just do eggs, but I decided to throw some different prizes in there this year to surprise them. Then my Mom decided to grab Lifesavers cause ‘the girls could put them in their purses’- then we saw white chocolate bunnies, and Cookies and Cream eggs!… Then, my Mom decided that she was paying for all of it because she didn’t know what to get the kids for Easter anyways. Scott and I are placing bets on who will find the most.least tomorrow! Keona destroyed them all last year…


Had a great night out with you, Mom! Love ya.

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