Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Why do the boys get all the lashes?


Tonight, the kids choir sang in church- they did a great job. All I could hear was Eve, but I’m sure the rest of them were singing too. :) After church, the adult choir had to practice their Easter musical, so I took all the kids to Tim Horton’s. Several of us had Boston Cream donuts… Mmmm… The kids, love their fruit smoothies- I’m not such a big fan. Maybe in the summer when it’s hotter outside?

Anyhow, Elijah has this problem- where he can’t admit it when he’s fallen asleep. He could have been asleep the entire hour long drive home from church, drool running down his chin, and he will INSIST that he was just resting his eyes. He really believes it too! So tonight, when I went in to take a picture, he woke up. I said, “It’s OK just go back to sleep, hun.”

His reply, “Oh, I wasn’t sleeping!”

Me: “Yes, you were, bud. You were snoring.”

Him: “Well, if I fell asleep then what time is it?”

(It was really about 9:30pm- he had only been asleep for about 10 minutes)

Me: “It’s past midnight! You’ve been asleep for a loooong time.”

Him: “Oh… No it isn’t. Really?! I guess I was asleep…”

I’ll tell him the truth in the morning. Then, he’ll tell me that he was just resting his eyes.


  1. man im jealous...beautiful capture.

  2. Oh how easily you lied! bahaha!

    Did you tell him the truth or letting sleeping boys lie? sleep? the lie sleep? ;)


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