Friday, April 15, 2011




My Mom, in the church office.

It was my Mom’s birthday, so I took all the kids into her office with a Tim Horton’s tea and a muffin with a candle in it, to sing Happy Birthday to her! They all gave her hugs, homemade cards, and of course a little gift. Then we said bye and headed home.

Oh wait, that’s not what we did!

We said ‘bye’ headed outside, and decorated her car with balloons and a big neon “Happy Birthday!!!!” poster on her windshield. In the process, 2 balloons blew away, and I was chasing them across the parking lot as the kids yelled out the van windows, “Run Mom! Run! You can catch it!!!!” I did catch one. The other one was too fast for me. The kids were disappointed in me… ha!

Happy Bithday, Mom!

Can’t wait for our girls’ night out!

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