Thursday, April 14, 2011

101 to 104- 2011

I know, I’m behind in my blogging. But I have an excuse. A really good one! Last weekend, my hubby bought me a brand, spanking, new laptop! I have spent every spare moment this week (which really hasn’t been that many moments) trying to move files over and get everything set up on here so that I can use it!

So, forgive me for the squished 365 post. Smile



Monday after school, we were coming home from picking Robbie up, and all the kids raced in from the van. (If you’ve ever been to our house, you know how our parking is behind the townhouse) So, I unlock the door, go in and put my stuff down, head back out to check on the kids, and Elijah comes running around from the back crying. Like scared, sobbing crying. His big sister, had closed the van door behind her, not knowing that he was still in there, and I clicked the lock button- not knowing he was in there… We have the childlock on so the backdoors can’t open from the inside, and it took him a minute to figure out that all he had to do was climb up front and open a door. Poor guy. Thirty seconds later, he was down in the window well with Jed and the toads, and he forgot all about being left in the van.



I spent about an hour today, teaching the girls how to crochet. Keona, already had a good idea of what she was doing, but the triplets- oh my… it may be a few months before I attempt to teach them again! We went to Michael’s on Monday night, and picked up some yarn that was on sale, for Keona to make her first blanket. I’m impressed by her colour choice. Can’t wait to share the final product!


Oh, and I haven’t given up hope on my quilt! I finished the top of it today. Just gotta find time to put it all together and quilt it now…




The kids think I’m a genius- buying them an egg timer, to time their music practice… Really, I’m just tired of being asked, “How long did I practice for, Mom?” As if I have a stop watch in my head. It’s working well so far. Other than the fact that they like to set it for random times, so that it goes off first thing in the morning and scares me half to death. Not as bad as the cap gun though…




“Can I run now, Mom?”

That’s what she was saying right before I told her to smile for the picture- hence, the “cheeeese” face.

A few weeks ago, Ella started showing an interest in Barbies for the first time. My first thought, was “Oh! I have to go buy her a Barbie of her own!” Then, I thought better. Been there, done that, ruined the novelty of it all. So, she continued to play with the two Barbies that have survived my purging. Well, today at naptime, Jeddy decided that it would be fun to pop the head off of her favourite Barbie. The head wouldn’t go back on. I was mad, Ella was devastated. I texted Scott, and it went like this…

Me: Your dumb boys just popped the head off of Ella’s favourite Barbie for NO reason, and now she’s crying.

Scott: LOL!!!!!!

Me: not. funny.

When Scott got home, he sent Ella and I to Toys R Us to get her a new favourite Barbie. She chose the “tangled one.” All night, she just sat there on the couch staring at her new Barbie. Tomorrow, she’ll have to find Ariel so they can have a tea party! Smile

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