Sunday, April 10, 2011



Sunday, at Mandarin…


He actually fell asleep at the table. I think he may have been up a little too late last night!

In fact, we all were! After lunch, we parked the van in the church parking lot, reclined the seats, put our feet on the dash and passed out for almost 2 hours!

The kids were scheduled to sing tonight, and Elijah did his first solo part tonight! He did an amazing job. :) Eve, did great on her part as well. I was playing the piano for service and didn’t want to have to worry about playing an offertory, so I asked Keona to! She was more than happy to play, and did so without a flaw!

I can’t wait. A few years time, and I’ll never have to do a pathetic job of playing the piano for anything! Thank you, Keona. ;)

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  1. Family nap is the best kind of nap- even if it is in the car. :)


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