Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random, and some Not so Random

A picture of Carson while Meg was tickling him to force a laugh!

(Not so random)

DSC_0808 copy  

Love his baby blues.

I love my kids’ big brown eyes too- but it’s fun to photograph lighter eyes for a change. :)

(Again, not so random)


The rocking chair with the strange black markings.


And now for the cell phone pics:


Ella, on her freshly painted rocking chair that she refused to share with her brother. I’ve watched her attempt to drag him out of it a few hundred times already- while yelling, “Jeeeeeeeddddeeee!”

I’m hoping to take some better pictures of it, and her, this afternoon!

(Not so random)


Jeddy and Ella, in a car cart at Metro. Jeddy, asked if we could take it home. Ella, cried when I said, “No.”

(Kinda random)


My hoodlum husband, on an afternoon out with the kids.

I really need to buy him a better hat…

(completely random)


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  1. When my kids ask for items at the store they can't have I say yes but make an impossible catch to getting it. For instance there is a way to big trampoline at Sams club they want and ask for every time. Mind you we are there two times a week. I looked at the side of the box and it was a team lift staggering 250 pounds dead weight box. I told them they can have it they can put it in the cart :) Each week they try all sorts of interesting ways to move it. I don't think their 40 lb bodies have even budged it yet.


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