Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Jeddy, has turned over a new leaf and decided that he is going to do school with us everyday. Though this is good for him, Ella is left to herself all morning. Today, she was dressing up a teddy bear, and pretending that the storage crate at our front door was a boat for them to ride in. At one point, she came up to me and asked for some money. She wanted me to pretend to hand her some, but my purse just happened to be sitting next to me so I handed her a few pennies. So for the next 20 minutes, she walked around with her bear in one hand and her pennies in the other. Then it dawned on me that I had an old purse sitting in my closet that I never used cause it’s too small for all my stuff. (I carry a “suitcase” in Scott’s words… :) She was more than thrilled when I brought it down for her- she didn’t put it down for the rest of the day. This child, has been the most easy going toddler ever. I heard her talking away in the livingroom and asked her if she was talking to herself…

“Nope! I’s talkin to my bear!”

A bear wearing a newborn sized dress, a few pennies, sunglasses, and a purse, kept her happy and busy all day long.

I forgot to mention how I woke up this morning… It was to the sound of Eve trying out her new violin. At 7am… On the weekend, Jeddy had randomly asked me to make a cake and I told him that we’d bake one together on Wednesday. Apparently, he was pretty excited about it, cause when I did wake up at 7am, to the violin, he was standing there beside my bed, watching me sleep.

 “Mom, can we bake my cake now!?”

We did bake a cake after school. It wasn’t the prettiest cake ever, but the kids devoured it anyways.

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