Tuesday, March 22, 2011



I’m jealous of her hair…

That is the mom-curled-my-hair-two-days-ago-and-I-haven’t-washed-it-since look. Why can’t my hair still look like that two days later after just running a brush through it?

Notice me quilt in the back ground? Well, not my “quilt” yet. My strips of squares, that I’ll be sewing into my crooked quilt? Crooked. Yes. I thought it was going to be so much easier than it is. I started piecing the strips together, and a random seam here and there just would NOT match up. Now, do I go back through the entire thing, pull out those seams and try desperately to match them exactly? Or will that just throw other seams off? Ugh…

I’m thinking “staggered brick design” instead…

That sounds very technical, no?

That way, no one will notice 1/8 of an inch, right?!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I wish my hair would do that too :).

  2. Ugh! Me too! And about the quilt. That is exactly why I haven't tried one yet! lol! I just know the whole thing will be...the staggered brick design. lol

  3. I can't even cut straight, let alone sew straight. I realized that I have to be careful when buying patterned fabric. If it needs to be lined up "just so" when sewing, then it has to go!

    But still... there is something beautiful about the imperfect. Especially when you make it yourself in a store-bought world.


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