Friday, March 18, 2011



Day five of March break


We got all the mud cleaned up from yesterday.

I took the kids to the dollarstore after breakfast, where they each picked a few things to buy. Prayer bought art stuff. Keona, bought marbles. Charity and Eve bought yo-yos. Elijah, bought a spiderman garbage can and some hockey cards. Ella, bought new binoculars. (She’s been playing with broken ones that you can’t even see through for the last couple weeks.) And Jeddy, well… Jeddy, bought a cap gun. I had no idea how loud a cap gun was. I had no idea that they sparked and smoked. I let my four year old, buy a cap gun. I spent the rest of the day jumping every five minutes when he shot it off. I think I may hide the rest of the caps tonight…

After the dollarstore, I took the kids to Big Al’s. We watched the shark, the eels, the sting rays and turtles. Jeddy begged me for an African Dwarf frog. Actually, he wanted to buy the whole tank full. We spent about half an hour in there. Gotta love free entertainment on March Break.


We came home and played with all of the new stuff. Robbie came over and hung out with us for a while. We did a spring clean up outside. I cleaned out my gardens and got them ready for the tulips that have just poked through. My mom, came to pick Robbie up and she brought me a Tim Horton’s tea. I won my first roll-up-the-rim!!! A free coffee. :)

Then, we went to visit Nadine, John, and Danica. Jeddy and Ella, were quite fascinated by her tiny little toes!

On the way home, we stopped at the post office, and picked up my material for my quilt!!!!!! Can’t wait to get started on it! Yay!

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