Thursday, March 17, 2011



Day four of March break


I was too busy to blog. :)

We spent the day at our friends’ house, where the kids played lego, Wii, and all sorts of other games in a muddy backyard. They also decided to spin Ella on a tire swing as fast as they possibly could.

It was nice enough out to play outside!

Not to mention- they had a blast!

I had a painting lesson with my oh-so talented friend! Everything seemed to make so much sense while I sat there with her instructing me. I have a feeling that it will all go out the window when I try it by myself.

We got home just before dinner and the boys pulled a toad out of the window well for the first time this year. That, I have not missed…


  1. I feel so bad..I should have washed those shoes for you..and your van.

  2. haha... Please! They had so much fun. I hosed off the shoes outside and then threw them in the washer. No mess at all! Plus, our van has seen much worse than that... :)


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