Monday, March 14, 2011



Day One of March Break


- I woke up with Scott at 5am

- I fell back asleep at 5:05am

- I slept through my alarm

- I woke up to Scott calling me on his first break at 9am

- Most of the kids were still asleep

- We met up with some friends for an “adventure walk” as my kids like to call it

- We were late

- The kids got covered in water and mud from the woods and the beach

- We came home to change and have lunch

- We went back out to Value Village, where we spent just over $30 and got; 29 books, a new purse for Prayer, and an adorable Tommy Hilfiger dress for Ella.

- I took the girls to Ardene’s because they wanted to spend some Christmas money on jewellery

- After about 10 minutes of watching the girls shop, the two boys sat down on the floor in the corner of the store

- Jed walked up to one of his sisters and proclaimed, “This store is JUNK!”

- He then proceeded to ask if we could go to Toys R Us

- We went to Toys R Us

- After following Jeddy around the store for half an hour, we went right back to the very first row where he picked out two Transformers to spend his Christmas money on

- Elijah, bought two as well

- We got home after Scott

- We ate french toast and eggs for dinner

- The kids watched a few of the Clone Wars episodes and then went to bed

Wooo… a fun, but looong day! :)

LOVE March break!

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