Saturday, March 12, 2011



I don’t think that they’re all going to fit on the same couch for much longer…

They were watching Clone Wars with Dad before bed. I never have been able to get into the whole “Star Wars” thing. I’ve tried… for Scott and for the kids, to no avail. Those movies put me to sleep, every. single. time.

Note: We have two other couches on the other side of the room, but everyone wants THAT spot. So, all 7 of them decided to share it.


I was watching CNN this morning and the coverage of Japan, when Ella came into the room with her barbie and started laughing at whatever game she was playing. Jeddy, looked at her all serious and said, “Ella, don’t laugh! This isn’t funny! People are dying!” (I hadn’t even realized that he was paying attention to the tv) I told him, “Hun, Ella is just laughing at her toys. She doesn’t understand what’s going on.” Then she chimed in, “Yeah, Jeddy! I don’t understand!” Oops… I think I may have just accidentally given her an excuse.

So sad, what’s going on in Japan right now.  Jeddy, has been praying for all the people hurt in the “sami”- he can’t seem to remember the word “tsunami.” I’m very thankful for my country, home, family, and warm bed tonight.

Now to set the clocks ahead… Hey, if it means that spring is almost here- I’m all for it!

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