Friday, March 11, 2011


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Have seventy days really gone by already?

We had a bad day in school today. The kind where none of the kids seem to care about their work.

At all.

I think their brains had already gone on March Break.

It really is the perfect timing for a week off. We don’t have any plans yet- but I do plan to take full advantage of the days off!

I know that I’m going to become an aunt next week! We are very much looking forward to meeting Nadine’s little elephant monkey. ;)

(That’s a joke from her shower…)

I’m seeing slush on the ground, instead of snow and ice- which is encouraging.

I tried one of Starbuck’s new mini-desserts. The carrot cupcake- that’s really more icing than cupcake…

It was free- which made it OK.

Definitely wouldn’t pay $2 for it though.

Jeddy, is more than halfway done his kindergarten curriculum! He now tells me that reading is “fun”- so opposite of how he felt at the beginning of the year. He can count to 100 by 1’s and by 10’s. He’s pretty proud of himself.

I think I’ll have to take them ‘thrifting’ for some new books next week. It’s so hard to part with $10 for one kids’ book at Chapters, when I could buy 12 for that price at Value Village.

Too bad Value Village doesn’t have a Starbucks…


  1. I tried the Tiramisu pop from Starbucks...delicious! It looks so tiny, but it was filing!

  2. I love love love buying books at Value Village. Trouble is because you keep thinking it's a bargain, you sometimes end up spending more in one shot than you intended, hehe. Who cares - I'm raising a reader! :)


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