Wednesday, March 9, 2011


watching for spring2

I am one of those people, who get annoyed by those people, who constantly complain about the weather.

But honestly, I can’t WAIT for spring!

Meanwhile, I’m watching a snow/sleet storm out the window as I type.

The kids, all ran up the stairs together this afternoon. Meaning, they are all coming to tell on someone OR they are all in agreement about coming to ask for something.

It was the latter…

Kids: “MOM, can we PLEEEASE go play in the snow!?”

Me: “No. But you CAN go take out the garbage and recycling for me in the snow!”

Now, considering there was only about an inch on the ground at the time… it wouldn’t have been all that much fun anyhow.

Just a big mess.

I’m really not that mean.

Oh, and they still managed to have a snowball fight on their way back inside…

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