Monday, March 7, 2011



He is such a ham. Just ask Stef, who got to see him totally turn on the charm for us today. He is going to be such a ladies man…

I got the kids up bright and early to head out to a photo shoot at my friends’ place this morning. Ella, held out her yellow dress and asked, “Is this the one that dances?” By “dances” she means that it lifts up when she spins… I love how she says things.

When we got home, I sent the girls to clean up their huge mess in the basement. They sang while they cleaned. If only I could remember to be so cheerful while having to do things that I don’t want to do…

The boys, tidied up their room from the weekend and then had a wrestling match in the living room. I didn’t know that flying sidekicks and headlocks were allowed in wrestling… They make me nervous. But they also make me laugh. They are pretty evenly matched right now. I’m just waiting for Elijah’s next growth spurt.

SPeaking of growth spurts… Keona came over to me the other day and insisted that her feet almost fit into my boots. “Ummm Keona, my boots are a size 10. There is NO WAY your feet are almost as big as mine yet.” Once I was finished concluding my point, she put her foot beside mine, and the tip of her big toe is touching the bottom of my big toe! What??? She was size 2 last summer, size 3 last fall, and size 5/6 now! I’m just waiting for her to grow into those feet now…

The fun days we have ahead of us, with 4 teenage girls in the house… :)

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  1. LOVE HIM!!! well, all your kids actually...


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