Tuesday, March 1, 2011





Anyhow… my sister, Meg, and Carson came over today. Carson, is a little monster! ha :) He reminds me of Elijah at that age. He is also the best baby hockey player that I’ve ever seen. He could probably take all 3 of my 8 year old girls. Seriously. I was in shock. He kinda refused to cooperate for pictures. “NO” is his favourite word right now. Other than, “Mama.” But he sure is cute! Even when he’s trying to clunk Ella on the head with the hilt-end of a lightsaber. ;)


Have I said that I’m ready for spring yet?

Cause I am SO ready for spring.

And flip flops.


Yesterday morning, I came downstairs at 7am and the sun was shining so beautifully through my kitchen window.

This morning, no sunlight.

Just clouds and more snow.

Here’s to hoping the groundhog was right!

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  1. Nana said...Ha!!!!
    Jimmity Cricket.
    I have a picture of Scott like that with Oma's glasses. LOL so cute.


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