Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Healthy Competition

Last Friday, we had my little brother Robbie sleepover for the night. Scott, picked him up at school and they stopped at The Superstore on the way home. I had made a grocery list for Scott, and at the bottom, I put “Yellow cardigan ;)”

I told him that it was only $15, and I have been looking for a yellow sweater for over a year now to match a skirt that I bought on clearance. When he got home, he handed me a bag and said, “This was all I could find. If it isn’t what you wanted You can exchange it.” He bought a mustard yellow, off-the-shoulder shirt.

“But, there was a huge display right at the front of the store… How did you miss it???” I questioned.

He claimed that there was NOT a $15 display, and the was the only yellow shirt in the place.

4 copy

I refrained from saying “I told you so”… :P

The girls, think that Scott and Robbie bought the wrong shirt on purpose.


While I was at the Superstore exchanging the shirt, Prayer and I saw these adorable popcorn bags. We figured they’d be perfect for movie night!


Charity, took a picture of Scott and I while we were making popcorn together.


We forgot she still had the camera, and started goofing around…

She felt the need to take a picture and then laugh hysterically.

She is my daughter…

DSC_0248 copy

Do I seriously make that face???

I don’t even remember what was going on…


We play-fight at our house.


Usually, I tell Scott that ‘I can take him…’

Which was true- 11 years and 50lbs ago.

(50lbs for him- not me. I’ve only put on like, 49… and in all fairness, he was a twig. Those 50lbs, are solid muscle. Well, mostly anyhow…:)


But I still try.

Did I ever tell the story of when he threw a potato at my head?

Today, I got a piece of cantaloupe in the cheek.

But then, I beat him at Dr. Mario- so it’s all good.


Just to show the healthy competitiveness carrying over into the next generation- here’s Ella, with her tea for keeping her pull-up dry for five nights in a row, telling Jeddy, “You should keep your pull-up dry. Then, you can have tea and cookies like me!”


He looks like Scott after I beat him at a video game.


P.S. I love you, hunny! ;)


  1. Um I think that picture pretty much takes care of the I told you so.

    Don't you just love the looks people at the store give you when you are taking pictures of things for your blog. They just don't understand.

    You guys are such a darling couple!

  2. That is too funny!! It proves perfectly that guys just look, they don't "SEE!" :) Thanks for sharing :)

  3. haha... I don't bring my camera to stores anymore! I just pulled out my cell phone for that one. ;)

  4. Ha, ha. You are such a good wife.. I would have said I told you so no problem!!! Love Ella and Jed together like that!


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