Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don’t feed the Geese…

On our way to Lynde Shores today, Jeddy kept talking about how glad he was that there wouldn’t be any geese around “cause it’s too cold.” Wasn’t he in for a surprise. There were geese everywhere! Ella, wasn’t bothered by them at all. In fact, she was chasing the geese!


Problem is, they are right at eye-level for her. I kept telling her to leave them alone because I was afraid that they would nip at her.

DSC_0101 But no, she continued to feed the geese all of her peanuts. Right after this picture, the geese grabbed the bag and started ripping it open.

Here she is, telling me that the geese just bit her on the forehead! She doesn’t seem too phased by it, does she?

She must have two big brothers…


Even after being bitten, she kept on feeding and petting them.

Jeddy on the other hand, was petrified. Ha! While all the other kids were having fun feeding the birds…

DSC_0080 …Jed, was hiding behind me holding onto my skirt.


The girls waiting…


Here we go!


Keona, had them lining up for her!


Every time that Jeddy tried to hold his hand up, he would drop all of his seeds! Prayer came to his rescue and helped him hold his hand up straight.

He “got thwee birds!”


(Yes, Elijah is wearing my scarf. He couldn’t find his…)

Not one of them complained that they were cold. I was wearing Scott’s gloves, on top of my gloves, and my hands were numb!


One last shot of the woodpecker, cause it was about 12 inches away from my camera here.


Now the kids are looking forward to the 30-40cm of snow we’re supposed to get tonight.

Keona asked if we could have a snow day tomorrow.

I told her, “Sorry! The downside of homeschooling- no snow days!”


Though I probably will shorten the lessons so they have lots of time to play outside… :)

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