Monday, February 28, 2011



Elijah, sanding Ella’s rocking chair.


He had a bit of an audience.


I bought this little rocking chair at a garage sale last year for $5. It had these strange black markings painted on it, which I’ve wanted to repaint ever since. Well, I finally decided to do it! Elijah, loves to help out with tools- so I had him sand it down for me.


Today, was also Scott’s first day on days! (Did I use the word “day” enough in that sentence?) It was so nice to have him home for dinner. It felt strange too. Like it must be a holiday or something.

After dinner, Keona got out some chocolate that she had won at the shower on the weekend. Jeddy, stole a piece when she was looking the other way. Then, while she was trying to get that piece back from Jeddy- Elijah, reached over and stole a piece. So while she tried to grab it back from him- Jeddy, stole another one.

While we all sat around and laughed at her… 


Lesson here: You don’t want to sit in-between your little brothers at meal time.


  1. what color are you going to paint the chair? very cool that you have such a handy helper around. that makes the chair even more special!

  2. Nana said...LOL!! They are just like their dad. Nadine couldn't make cookies without Scott taking batter when she turned her head.

    You should have video taped that one for 'Funniest Videos' :)

  3. I wish I had video taped it... it all happened too quickly.

    Just painting it white. Planning to use it on some photo shoots this spring. :)


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