Saturday, February 26, 2011



What a day! This morning, I got to pick my Mom up, with all my girls, and go to Nadine’s baby shower! That baby, (I can say “baby” now!) is going to need several dressers and her own walk in closet! Only a few more days until I get to be an aunt! :)


Then, we headed over to our church’s ladies’ meeting. Where the girls all continued to eat, after they had already eaten a TON at the baby shower. We heard a great message, that was a huge blessing to me and played some fun games. Keona won a box of chocolates. I may have to steal a few while she’s sleeping…


Then, like every loyal Canadian during “roll-up-the-rim” season- we had to stop at Tim Horton’s before getting on the highway. Eve, is 2 for two! Both wins were donuts. The rest of the kids and I, are pretty jealous… :P


Oh, and according to Elijah, while the girls were out, all the boys did was “play video games and eat.”

That sounds about right… ha!

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