Thursday, February 24, 2011



Our busy day…


I’ve been working on not rushing. As in, the world will not come to an end if we don’t fit in our spelling lesson, if dinner is an hour late, if I have laundry piled up, and the floors all need to be mopped…. So, why ruin everyone’s day over such a miniscule thing, right? Apparently, that all slipped my mind today. I rushed to get chores done, rushed through school work, rushed from music lesson to music lesson, and store to store- and you know what, it made for a pretty crummy day. For both myself, and my kids. Ugh… Thankfully, children are forgiving and I have the opportunity to start fresh tomorrow.

Once apologies were made, and everyone was in bed, it was time for some tea and a book.


  1. I hate those types of day but like you said tomorrow is a brand new day. Tea and and book seem like a perfect way to wind it down.

  2. What I hate is when I get them settled in bed and THEN I realize I have been crummy to them and need to apologize, only to find them fast asleep. So convicting!


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