Wednesday, February 23, 2011



My crazy girl, who runs around following her big brothers with a light saber in hand.

Who potty-trained pretty much over night.

Who changes her outfit several times every day.

Who insists on wearing some sort of jewellery at all times.

Who asks me to do her hair and doesn’t even flinch when I french braid it.

Who always finishes the last sip of my tea.

Who watches me do my makeup, asks for some lip gloss, then puckers her lips and says, “Thanks, Mom.”

Who cuddles with Dad every chance she gets.

Who colours every morning while we do school, and writes her own name- though her L’s are always upside down.

Who says she “loves kisses” but always wipes them off.

Who asks me, “Mom, you want to take my pictures like this!?” as she gives me her best smile.

But makes all the silliest faces when I actually pull out the camera.

Who sings to herself and loves reading books.


My Arabella, isn’t a baby anymore…


  1. she is such a beautiful doll. what a little lady-- one that can keep up with her brothers, i'm sure!

  2. Can a day really ever go by with out a light saber? I love her big big brown eyes. She seems so sweet.

  3. Nana said... What a pretty little girly girl!! :)

  4. Can't wait to see her - and all of you tomorrow!


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