Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I think there’s a fridge under there. Somewhere…


I started following this art blog on the weekend. It’s full of all sorts of different inspiring art lessons for kids. Today, we decided to try out Laurel Burch-inspired, abstract cats. The kids had a great time using the pastels I bought several months ago. Even the boys, who aren’t usually interested in art projects- got right into it. They both did two cats, and Elijah was upset tonight when I told him that he couldn’t pull out all the art stuff again to do a third! Ella was quite disappointed that we had all this fun without her when she woke up from nap, so she did one as well. :)


Love this blog, and I’m looking forward to some inspiration for new art ideas each week!


  1. I love the bright colors! So much more intense than crayons.

  2. lol they are great pictures.

    My middle son learned about pollok and went to the schoolroom of our house and made his own painting. Ahh paint splatters everywhere! He got more on the wood floor than anything else. But he was so proud.


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