Monday, February 21, 2011


 el and her boys3
Ella and “her boys” - as she calls them.

I finally got around to doing a few of the many pictures that I had planned to take this weekend. I’ll share a few of the rest of the kids tomorrow. But seriously, check out that camera ham!  Even Elijah cooperated for me.

If only they were as calm in real life, as they look in this picture. In reality, Ella was closing her eyes and sticking her tongue out for every picture. While Jeddy, was going bug-eyed and pouting.  I managed to grab one or two, while they were all listening to me talk about crazy things to try and get their attention. Such as, “Imagine having a bath in jello!?”
It made them stop and think for a split second anyhow…

After the pictures, the kids headed downstairs and had wrestling matches in the livingroom. It always scares me to watch them fight. I know that it’s all in fun, but reality is- someone ALWAYS gets hurt.
Jeddy calls out, “Last one to cry wins!”
Thankfully, no one ended up in tears. It was all good fun.
So, Scott and I played Scrabble, the big kids wrestled, and Ella sat in a laundry basket with her baby pretending that it was a boat.

Family Day is the best…


  1. jello bath! ha! i'll have to try that next time.

    this is such a sweet picture, except ella doesn't look like a baby. i'm not sure how i feel about that.

  2. if only... BC is a little behind on the holidays. They tried to get family day for this year, but it didnt pass...praying for next year :)


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