Sunday, February 20, 2011



This, is exactly what I wanted to do when we got home from church. Sunday, is such a long day for us. Especially when Ella doesn’t nap and there is a baby shower after church! Chasing a deliriously-tired 2 year old around for an hour, will make anyone want their bed. But instead of coming home and sleeping, Scott and I stayed up and played Dr. Mario. Is it strange that instead of counting sheep, I fall asleep playing Dr.Mario in my head? Maybe we need to take a break from that game…


P.S. I’m loving the newsprint look of my cranked ISO along with PW’s black & white action. I’m trying to find “my style” in photography, and preferences in editing. So, I’ve been experimenting. Grainy, black & whites are definitely a fave.


  1. LOVE Dr. Mario! I didn't think it was around anymore and that anyone ever played it!

  2. LoL! I used to play original tetris so much that I saw things in blocks and tried to "put them together". lol!

  3. I agree with the Grainy black and whites. my fave too, especially for the candids. Florabella makes some great black and white actions.

  4. I adore your style of clear yet soft photos. Simple in composition yet capturing emotion and the moment.

  5. agree with grainy b&w's...
    I fall to sleep with Aisy singing looney toones songs....:P


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