Saturday, February 19, 2011



The girls, telling Anne a story.


Our girls’ loud voices, and their need to talk constantly- definitely comes in handy at the seniors’ home. The old ladies’ adore them. Anne, (a 94 year old lady from Rome) just listened to story after story. On our way out, she thanked me for bringing the kids, and said that they were the best company she’s had in a while.

Ella, started asking for Ernie as soon as we got there. He came in smiling with a handful of candy for the kids. He knows how to quickly become their favourite!

Another lady named Theresa, sat in the front quoting all of the verses Scott read during his sermon. She gave all of the girls big hugs before she left.

I’m so thankful that we had the opportunity to start serving in this ministry. It’s something that our whole family looks forward to each month.


  1. Love it - and yes, the girls sure can talk!!! I hope they never lose the boldness (Christ-like boldness)!

  2. It seems as if all are blessed by this and swap such interesting stories.

  3. I can imagine the joy your family brings everywhere you go!

  4. Nana said...They always say how much they hope they can go to the senior home this time. They seem to enjoy it so much.

    Um, what is Jed doing in the back ground? He looks very interested in that fire extinguisher.


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