Friday, February 11, 2011


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There’s my boys…


This morning, Scott and I were listening to Ella play “monsters” with the boys. A game, kinda like tag, but you pretend to die if the “monster” catches you. However, Jeddy didn’t want to fake-die, so he decided to scratch Ella’s face instead. Not hard enough to leave a mark- just enough to make her cry. We then listened, as he tried to convince her to scratch his eye back, rather than go and tell. So she did. Then Elijah chimes in, “But you closed your eyes first, Jeddy. Ella, didn’t you have your eyes open? Did he scratch your eyeball?”

Trying to convince his little brother, to let his little sister, scratch him in the eye with his eyes open??

I was laughing hysterically at the “kid justice” going on- Scott didn’t get why I found it so funny.

Savages, I tell ya…

Apparently, Ella was satisfied with the scratch over closed eyes, and they all went back to roaring and growling, while they chased eachother around the house.

She is going to be such a tomboy.

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