Monday, February 7, 2011


kids2 copy

Ella, decided to do a little jig…


I made a spur of the moment decision, to take the kids out and do our annual Valentine’s Day picture. Plus, this can double as my February pic of all seven kids. Well, not this exact picture but you get the idea. I’m saving the final one for our Valentine’s Day cards.

It was zero degrees, there were huge, slow-falling snowflakes… the weather was ideal.

So, out we went!

I love pictures that show personality.

Though Ella’s true colours are definitely showing through here, that is not my Jeddy at all in the back!

He’s totally being himself in the picture I chose to use! :)


Last year, we gave 4x6 cards to grandparents, and then I printed off a bunch of wallet-sized ones for the kids to give to their friends. I’m thinking that we’ll have to get a bit more creative this year, and maybe tie them to a bag of candy or something?…

Keeping my eye out for good ideas this week!


  1. I love this picture - just as it is. Can't wait to see the one you chose!!!

  2. What a great picture! :) It is hard enough getting five to halfway cooperate....can't imagine two more! ;)

  3. I love the picture! You take a group shot every moth that is so wonderful. Again I think the kids look great in the white snow.

  4. Love it! And I LOVE Ella's jig! What a beautiful, cute, BEAUTIFUL family!!!! :-)


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