Friday, February 4, 2011



A morning without coffee, is like sleep. 

~Author Unknown

I don’t actually drink coffee. Though, I do like the smell.

Apparently, it attracted Jeddy to the kitchen as well.

Although, he pretty much lives in the kitchen…

I have no idea why he decided to climb up on the counter and lay down in front of the coffee pot this morning- but he did- and Scott saw a picture opportunity.

So he said, “Jac, get a picture of that!”

And I did.

End of story.

Interesting, wasn’t it?


My little cooking buddy, has decided that he wants to learn how to read all of a sudden.

Today, he passed a whole page in his phonics book. (Which is a big deal for him!)

AND, he read the sentence, “The rat did kick the cat.”

All by himself!

We’re making progress. :)


P.S. I have no idea who made up the sentences for this phonics book, but they are a genius!

Four and five year olds, think they’re hilarious.


  1. I bet he laughed his head off at that sentence!

    I love the smell and taste of coffee, but with lots of cream and sugar. Although right now I am craving some hot cocoa.


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