Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Elijah had spent the night and morning prior- throwing up.

I planned on keeping him home, but he insisted on going anyways.

So I figured, who am I to make him miss out if he is willing to go?


Ella, went down the hill once.

The rest of the time, she sat in that exact spot and repeated the words,

“I want to go home!”

Over, and over, and over again.

snow collage2

I went down the hill once, with my camera tucked into my sweatshirt, underneath my coat, and still managed to toss my lens hood into a giant pile of snow.

Jeddy, wasn’t impressed by all the snow in his face when he rode in the front. He joined the little kids sitting at the top of the hill after this picture.

snow collage1 copy And my personal favourite…

snow collage3

Yes, he’s crazy.

Yes, the kids think he’s hilarious.

Yes, he’s definitely the “fun parent.”

Yes, he had a sore back the next day.


Then, the kids tell him, “You’re the BEST DAD EVER!”

Which makes it all worth it…


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