Monday, January 24, 2011

i heart faces: innocent wonder

ella with toad and flowers

I love watching the innocent wonder of a child as they explore the world around them.

This picture, captures my youngest perfectly.

She is the epitome of a “girly-girl”- yet, she has two older brothers that she plays with all day long.


Here she is picking flowers, naturally. (from my garden none-the-less)

And yet, also carrying around the toad that her big brothers found.


Not to mention the super hero cape… :)



  1. Love it!...I almost entered one very similar except with a caterpillar.. I love the awe that children have for God's creatures!!

  2. This is awesome! Beautiful candid!

  3. Flowers and toads and capes - oh my! This is a great shot. :)

  4. This brings back good memories from my own childhood- it's wonderful!

  5. love your take on innocent wonder...mine is here:


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