Friday, January 28, 2011

Because I was bored…

With all the bare, sandy feet, with a beach in the background, pictures on facebook right now… I thought that I’d throw mine into the mix- for all of us still here in the arctic.


This is where I spent my day.

All bundled up, running from one music lesson, to the next.

But no complaints here!

I can totally handle this hovering-around-zero weather.

A little Starbucks in hand always helps…


While I was bored, sitting in my van and all- I decided to play around with some settings on my camera.

I’ve never really tried out the “monochrome” mode- so I did.



(straight out of camera)

(for my Mom, who was extremely confused by the lingo when I said, “bokeh” in another post… :)


DSC_0424 copy 

The lighting is different in B&W mode. Much easier to end up with hotspots…


I can’t wait to experiment with it some more. Possibly, when I’m not stuck in the confines of my truck van.

This cheeky little monkey, kept trying to block my lens.


Neutral was interesting as well…


Not sure how I like it yet. As I said, I can’t wait to try them out in different situations!

I’m used to shooting in “standard” or “vivid”- so it’ll be nice to change it up a bit.

Ella, was just having way too much fun trying to dodge my camera…

She can be such a little pest! :) She makes the perfect “little sister”…


  1. Thanks for the explanation... so I am not confused again!

  2. That neutral looks pretty neat. I'll have to give it a go just as soon as my replacement camera arrives. I still can't believe I lost my old-but-still-rather-new one!

    I normally shoot in vivid. How do you determine when to shoot in standard and when to use vivid?


Who doesn't love a friendly comment!? :)


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