Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to Normal


If you call dancing on the counter with silly bands around your ankle normal…


Or how about a Christmas necklace, zebra print underwear, your big sister’s skirt, and a baby-sized shirt that you wear inside out?


I don’t think I have to tell you that she dressed herself.

DSC_0813  Little Ella, has successfully kept herself dry during the day, for 4 days in a row! Woo hoo!


I couldn’t be more excited after having to potty train Jeddy- who still wears a pull up at night.

The current bribe incentive is; if he keeps his pull up dry for three nights in a row- I’ll take him to Starbucks for a hot chocolate. I’m really hoping he does, because Chai tea Lattes are half price from 2pm-5pm all next week, and I could use an excuse to go get one! :)


I didn’t use this one yesterday, but I love her scrunched-up-face smile.


My photo wall is filling up! I still have about 8 or 10 frames left from when I asked Scott to grab a few and he came home with 40…


And my little bum has told me that he doesn’t want any birthday pictures taken…

elijah's bday

So, I figure that I’ll just post this one for now and leave you a little message, Elijah…


Please don’t try to trick your little brother into sharing his money.

Nana taught him what pennies are, and that is all he’s going to give you from now on.

Don’t try to tickle Ella until she pees. It really isn’t as funny as you think it is.

I’d also really appreciate it if you didn’t slam your pencil down every time you have to erase something in school. It makes me jump. Every. Single. Time.

And please, please, have a better attitude tomorrow so that you can stay up and beat that Donkey Kong game with me. Even if I won’t let you be Donkey Kong…

Oh, and no more inappropriate usernames.


But seriously, I love you, bud.


I can’t believe that you’ll be old enough to go to camp this year, for a whole week!

By yourself!

I can’t believe that you’re too old for kisses.

It seems like just yesterday, you would come running into my room every morning at 5am and cuddle up beside me in bed.

Or when you had an allergic reaction to baby food, and you gagged every time you saw a spoon for months.

Or when you cried because your sister beat you at…

Oh wait, that was just yesterday! :P


Happy 7th Birthday, Elijah!





P.S. Maybe if you’re in a better mood tomorrow- you’ll let me take some birthday pictures? :)


  1. What a great husband you have! Loving the little one dressing herself, such a princess sense of style.

  2. Way to go Ella! I love how she has her own quirky sense of style. :) How were you when you were little, Jac?

    Happy 7th Birthday Elijah!!!

    When he says no birthday pictures it is almost like a double dog dare, isn't it?


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