Monday, January 31, 2011


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Playing around with settings and light…



I can’t believe that we are half-way through the school year already!?!?

One of my lovely children, (probably the 4 year old boy) activated the GPS on my cell phone, and I was billed for it without ever using it. The lady from Bell told me, and I quote, “Oh yeah, a two year old could have easily activated it if your keys weren’t locked. You should always have your keys locked when your cell phone is within the reach of children.” I wanted to tell her that “Bell” needs to come up with a more complicated way to unlock the keys, because that’s the first thing kids figure out! Never mind activating my GPS… But she credited me back, so I was much nicer than that.


I commented to the kids this morning, how glad I am that we homeschool on a day like today! It is freez-ing!

I am now in my flannel pj’s , fluffy socks, and ready to cuddle up with the kids under a blanket and watch Road to Avonlea! Then, I’m going to start one of my new books. So excited!!!


  1. You take the bestest pictures ever!

    I am glad the lady credited your account. I get annoyed when they charge for things that were obviously not used.

  2. Oh no on the GPS but at least you got credited back. My kids have done the same with pay per view movies. They just see what they want hit okay and yup I bought a movie they watch sometimes for a few minutes before they decide they don't like it. Ahhhh.


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