Wednesday, January 26, 2011


snowball fight

We picked up Uncle Robbie from school this afternoon, and Elijah (of course) started a snowball fight on the way into the house. Elijah, throwing one, single, snowball… turned into a half an hour, girls vs. Uncle Robbie war.

There are 4 girls. One Uncle Robbie.

You’d think that would give them an advantage, right?


They all came in soaking wet, while he was still bone-dry. Other than a few specks of snow in his hair.

The girls, say it’s because they have bad aim.

I bet the innocent man walking by, who got belted by one of Prayer’s wayward snowballs, will vouch for that.

They also claim, that Robbie is like “Buddy the Elf”…


I think that Jeddy and Ella are the smartest of the bunch.

They came inside, ate lunch, and then watched from the kitchen window. :)


  1. :) Mine to came in wet today from a snowball fight. I thought they would be snowy but they were soaked! I'm guessing they lost.

  2. haha... Buddy the Elf - I bet he does resemble him. No snowball fights for me!


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