Tuesday, January 25, 2011



My 7 year old


It may be almost a month late, and I may have had to bribe him with a video game- but I finally got a picture of Elijah!

In this picture, he’s actually watching his little brother pull down a stick man statue he had made and throw it across the yard- but it’s still my favourite of the bunch. This stare, is not posed. It is so Elijah.


And notice what he’s wearing? Being that I’m such an Old Navy addict, my boys have never owned a track suit! They live in jeans and khakis…

This Christmas, their great-grandma, bought them both these little Air Jordan suits.

I LOVE them!


Maybe even enough to stray from Old Navy every now and again…


Not just for the boys, either…

I’m considering a pair of these babies for myself!


That was a joke people.

I wonder who would actually wear those?

And where???


  1. It is great to catch them looking their self not posed and he look so cute in his track suit.

  2. LoL! Wow! Those things are scary looking! Love the pic, of Elijah. :-)

  3. Great pic of Elijah! Mr. Serious - like his Dad... at times, but then there is that other side!


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