Saturday, January 22, 2011


ella in snow

Ella, wanted to model for me today. This is her one calm expression. She gave me grumpy, crazy, “monster face”… then she stepped in a big pile of snow, got it in her boot, and wanted to go inside.

Her latest thing, is telling her brothers that they stink. As in, Elijah comes to sit beside her on the couch, and she says, “Go way! You stink….”

I’m assuming that she’s heard her sisters say tell the boys that- but she’s using it unnecessarily.

Jed’s new word- “assume.”

As in, “I assume that you and Dad had chips last night, cause I saw the bag on the counter this morning.”


Elijah, went to a men’s prayer breakfast at our church this morning with Scott. Well, actually, he rode with Grandpa and Robbie cause Scott left real early to help setup. When he left, his room was a huge mess. I had emptied his drawers and told him that his clothes needed to be folded properly, and put in the right drawers. As soon as he got home, the girls ran up to him saying, “Your room is such a mess! You need to go get it cleaned up, right now!” He begrudgingly went up the stairs, only to find out that the girls and I had cleaned and reorganized everything for him. From his clothes, to his books, to his toys.

Then he cried. And hugged me.

The girls laughed.

They love helping me with secret things like that, just to be a blessing to people. :)

They also love taunting their brothers.

(Hence the, “Your room is such a mess! You need to go get it cleaned up, right now!” comment…)

So I’ll just enjoy this while it lasts.


P.S. The backpacks were on sale at the Carter’s Oshkosh store!

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  1. She looks like such a big girl with her big girl expression!

    Aw. He cried? Very sweet and tenderhearted... I am cherish these times too!


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