Friday, January 21, 2011


scott playing wii Ok, so I didn’t notice that my shutter speed was still set for night-shooting from the day before…


Regardless, this was my favourite picture from the bunch! He was slightly less enthusiastic when he noticed I was taking picture of him… (He was going all out sword fighting little miis- making the kids laugh hysterically.)

For anyone who has Wii Sports Resorts- Is sword play, not the most hilarious game ever!?

We were both in tears, laughing so hard the first time we played it.

My personal favourite part, is how angry your mii looks on the replay when it’s attacking another one.

Not that the violent video game is an influence on us or anything… but after playing this game, Scott decided to flip me over his shoulder and onto our bed. I think he broke my toe. I had my elbow holding his face down (he wouldn’t let go of my hands) and Prayer shouts, “Get him, Mom! Punch him in the face!”

Before I even had time to reply- she says, “I like to punch people in the face.”

She said this with a straight face. Like it was a completely normal statement to make.

Just as I went to ask her who in the world she has ever punched in the face???

She says, “I don’t ever actually punch anyone. But I imagine doing it.”


We both broke down laughing.


(You have to know Prayer... Her awkward sense of humour. Her blonde moments. The fact that she cries when someone else gets hurt…)


I think we may have to ban this Wii sword play game for a while.

It’s obviously a bad influence on our children.

I’m sure that Scott flipping me over his shoulder, and then being elbowed in the face while I bite his hand to get him to let go of me, had nothing to do with the whole “violence is normal” train of thought…

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  1. bahahahaha! this totally makes me laugh! david always gets injured when he tickles me... but hey, he deserves it. he knows there are dangerous consequences when he does things like that!

    ps i'm pretty good at the sword fighting myself. if you ever come visit me, we'll have a showdown!


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