Wednesday, January 19, 2011



New backpacks…

Can't beat $5 each!


Our truck van ran out of windshield washer fluid yesterday on the way to church, and it was snowing pretty bad- so I stopped at a gas station to fill it up. I have never even popped the hood of this vehicle. I had to figure out how to do that first! Then, I was really hoping that wherever I was supposed to put the wiper fluid in- would be clearly labelled. Thankfully, it was. After filling it up, I closed the hood and the man pumping gas beside us looked at me. He looked away, and then did a double take. I laughed to myself when I got in the van and Keona said, “Mom, that man was giving you a strange look.”

Here I was, all dressed up in my heels and white dress coat- hair and makeup done, leaning under the hood of what looks like a work truck while I’m trying to dial my husband’s number on my pink cell phone.

No wonder he was giving me a strange look…


  1. Ha ha! I love it when I get those kinds of looks...I just laugh :) LADIES can know how to do things with their matter what size :)

  2. I have to know... where are the backpacks from? So cute!

  3. I kinda though you were going to say the strange man was selling bagpacks.

  4. Ha... I thought the same thing... somehow the backpacks were going to come from the guy giving you strange looks!

  5. Cute backpackers!!! :-P And thanks for the chuckle from the mental image you gave me! lol! I think the pink cell phone is what did it. :-P

  6. Pshaw... You know he was checking you out, hot mama!!! :)

    (Those backpacks are super cute!)

  7. Nana said...Good thing you're tall so that you can reach under the hood of that van.....Lol!!

    I love the backpacks too. So cute!!!

  8. haha... would have made for a fun story if the guy had given me the backpacks. In reality, you can't even see the kids in the back of the van. (Tinted windows) Which is probably part of the reason I looked so crazy!


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