Saturday, January 15, 2011




This same girl, who was so willing to run outside with me and take “snow pictures” this morning- was so sick tonight. Her body seems to automatically develop a rash, whenever it doesn’t like something. Apparently, it doesn’t like this stomach bug- cause tonight was the worse reaction I’ve seen yet. Her stomach was covered in hives, her fingers started to swell up until she could barely bend them, and then just as her face and neck started to swell, and I was getting ready to make a trip the the ER- she ran to the bathroom to be sick, and then she was fine! The rash started to disappear. She’s now sound asleep, and rash free.

Praying that she wakes up feeling better in the morning…


  1. Oh my you must have been so scared. But sometime a trip on that taxi is all it takes. I hope she continues to feel better.

  2. Poor sweetie! I am praying that she will be better in the morning!

  3. Aw poor thing, sorry to hear your daughter was not well. It sounds like she had an allergy to something she ate and not a stomach bug... that's exactly what happens to me when I eat nuts!

  4. Beautiful daughter and picture! Hope she's doing better this morning. Glad you didn't have to make a trip to the ER. We've been there and done that too with hives. :( Have a blessed Sunday! :)

  5. (Hello, I lurk)

    My husband also seems to get an allergic reaction to viruses, though his eyes swell up and his arms break out in a horrible horrible rash, even though he feels fine.

    Your daughter's reaction sounds an awful lot like the way my son reacts to food allergies. He gets a rash, sometimes his tongue and face swells, sometimes he complains that his throat feels itchy, but as soon as he throws up, everything is better, and then he just sleeps for ages, recovering. Knowing he'll be fine doesn't make it less worrying when it happens though.

  6. Thanks everyone. The first thing I thought was an allergy too... Cause that's what happens to me when I touch latex. But we all had a stomach virus that week, and she barely ate anything that day- and nothing that she hasn't eaten before... I dunno. I guess we'll see if it happens again.

  7. oh yikes! i am glad she is okay. that is very scary.


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