Friday, January 14, 2011



Wolfing down his cheeseburger…


Jeddy and I decided to make a quick stop for a snack before beginning our shopping trip. I love taking my kids out individually. Elijah and Jeddy, both love ringing things through at the self-checkouts.


Jeddy’s big thing right now is, “I’m growing up, you know!” That’s the reason he doesn’t want to watch treehouse, or the reason he wants to play Wii with the big kids- maybe I should try using that to get him to do school… :)  He guessed that Scott was “Like 100?” when we asked him how old Dad was. I didn't dare ask what he thought of me. Though, he is generally much nicer to me than he is to Scott. Every morning, he tells me that I look pretty. (What a way to start the day! ha!)

This week when I was sick, I came downstairs in my pyjamas and he said, “You’re pyjamas are really pretty, Mom. You look nice.”

I definitely did NOT look “nice.”

My guess is that he just wanted me to feed him…


  1. A charmer already! Watch that boy!

  2. :) Definitely a charmer! And you know what? I bet he really did think you looked nice. I bet he wants to marry someone as beautiful as mommy one day... assuming that girls will be okay to like way way way down the road!


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