Wednesday, January 12, 2011



That about sums up my day…


I finally caught the flu bug. Me along with 2 new children this morning. Seven down- two to go.

Yes, I flipped dinner right out of the oven- and onto the floor.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry! It's tough being a mom and being sick. We have the chicken pox here. One is done, three presently are in the beginning stages, and one more left to come down with them.

  2. Aw I hope it starts getting better for you.

  3. Papa says, I am praying for you...Maybe it will make you feel a little better knowing I love you!

  4. Bad days come, bad days go...I praise the Lord we can call on His name here, there and everywhere in-between. Praying health for all of you soon. WHenever I get in this type of place where you sit today, I say this to myself...In a weeks time, all of this, will look much differently. And you know what? It always does.


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