Friday, January 7, 2011



My Starbucks partner…


A cell phone pic of Keona, holding her very first Chai tea latte. Can't beat half-price!


I always save my last sip of tea for Jeddy or Ella- whichever one comes along first to ask. Today, I gave it to Jed.

Then, Scott called Elijah over and said, “Here you go, bud!”

Elijah looked all excited and ran over to grab Scott’s cup- then Scott said, “Throw that in the garbage for me…”

(He’s so mean sometimes!)

So, Elijah left it on the kitchen table and looked all disappointed.

Eve picked it up and said, “I’ll throw it out for you, Dad!”

To which Scott replied, “Thanks! I left the last sip in there for you...”

So cruel.

Being the nice sister that she (usually) is- she gave it to Elijah and everyone lived happily ever after.


  1. Aww... tell Evie she is so sweet. It almost makes up for her shooting me with the nerf gun!

  2. I wish your starbucks fairy would stop by my house.

  3. Nana said...You have a Starbucks Fairy? Can she come to my house? :)

    Eve is such a sweet little mom. She has a good heart; almost always thinks of others first.


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