Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Cookie tower


I most definitely did not finish an entire tin of Danish Butter Cookies. And if I had finished an entire tin, my husband most certainly would not go out and buy me a bigger one.

But seriously, if I skip lunch- I can totally afford those calories. So what if I’m swapping fruit and a sandwich for cookies and tea… 

I may have a problem. I’m making an appointment with Jillian Michaels. Tomorrow night. In my living room.


As if my cookie issue isn’t enough… Elijah asked me to come see one of his Webkinz games today. After watching him, I asked if I could give it a try. I lost. And lost. And lost again. Then, he asked if he could have his turn back. I said, “Not yet. Let me try once more.”

“One” may have turned into five. Or ten. The kids were all gathered around the computer watching me lose a game made for a 7 year old. The same 7 year old, who signed up for his webkinz account while I was downstairs. Then, forgot his username 5 minutes later. This morning, I had to call Ganz customer service to try and get back into his account. The man notified me that his username was, “Silverbackbum.” (His webkinz is a Silver-back Gorilla) “Bum” has become his new word. Which is probably my fault. When Jed or Ella are being sneaky, I say, “You little bum!” So, now he calls everyone a bum. The customer service rep wasn’t impressed. Apparently, it was an inappropriate word for a children’s website, and if I didn’t change it, his account would be flagged and frozen. :/

Needless to say, he chose a new username.

Which I am about to log into so I can play “Cash Cow 2.” :)


  1. I had to stop buying those cookies because I am the only one who eats them here (and I finish the tin!).
    Oh my... usernames! Robert has a little book by the computer and I make him write down the website, username and password (there are only a couple so far..... )!

  2. LOL..at least you do not look like you have eaten a whole tin by your self minus one or two for your kiddies!
    I merely looked at your picture of the stacked cookies and immediately felt 5 pounds appear on my hips!

  3. I'm surprised that they would think bum to be inappropriate. But I guess it just wouldn't do for kids to go around with characters named pee pee or poo poo head. Just sayin'... Will that get me flagged as inappropriate? We don't allow potty talk, but you know they still whisper it to each other sometimes! :)


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