Friday, December 30, 2011

My Birthday Boy

He doesn’t like having a birthday in winter because he can’t do anything outdoors for his party.

He rolls his eyes at me when I call him cutesy names and hates it when I grab his face and kiss his cheeks!

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, his response is,

“I don’t know. I don’t have to think about that yet. I will decide in a little while.”

Sometimes, he is too witty for his own good.

He is always ready with a good comeback.

He is ultra competitive.

I can relate.

He has now had two asthma attacks in the last 3 weeks.

Last time he was at the hospital, he kindly told the nurse that he “wanted to go home soon. Please.”

DSC_0225 copy

Last night, he asked me to try not to wake him up when I gave him his puffer during the night. He just wanted to have a “good sleep.”

My poor guy has had such rough nights lately.

Trouble breathing… Up coughing… Being woken up to take medication…

Anyhow, we wanted to get him something special for his birthday this year and it just so happened to be on sale for boxing week! I wrapped it in paper, tied it up tight with string, wrapped it again around the string, wrapped it tight with saran wrap, wrapped it with paper again, and then covered it with tape. I have a video of him opening it, but I took it with Scott’s phone and can’t figure out how to get the sound to work on the blog. It went something like this…

“MORE paper??? Is this the last layer??? It’s something Nintendo!!! It’s a game!!! I think it’s a DS!”


He hasn’t wanted to put it down since.


You have never been an easy child. From your emergency entrance into this world, to your bad temper as a toddler, and your mischievousness as a big and little brother… You are always one to shake things up when they get boring.


Happy 8th Birthday to my little sweetie-pie, hunny-bunch!

You know that I love you!

Can’t help my-self…


He especially loves it when I sing to him…

Love ya, bud.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve & Day

We started the tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve 12 Christmases ago! I think that originally, it was just out of impatience, as Scott and I both couldn’t wait to give eachother gifts… but over the years, it has worked out quite well for our family. We always call it a pyjama day, and just open gifts from eachother. Then, the kids get to open all the other presents from grandparents and aunts on Christmas Day.


I expected to be woken up early, and I was! But not how I expected… I was up at 5am, feeding Lily when I heard someone else in the hallway. I peeked out my door and saw Prayer coming out of the bathroom. She looked a little odd from a distance, so I called her over- her eye was swollen to the size of a ping pong ball and she couldn’t even open it. Jeddy, had pink eye earlier that week- we thought that we had successfully rid the house of it. Apparently not… I gave her some warm compresses for her eye and sent her back to bed. It did look much better in the morning, but she still tried to hide it in all the pictures!


I didn’t hear kids again until about 8am. Even then, they were playing quietly in their rooms! Scott ran out to Shopper’s to get some eye drops, while I fed the kids breakfast so that we could open gifts as soon as he got home. :)

We began with each of us thanking God for something. Ella, was thankful for “all her presents!”

christmas eve1

We  kept it pretty simple this year. Money was not in abundance after a big move. The boys got Lego sets, like they asked for. Eve, also got Lego along with some scarves from Ella. Keona, got a jewellery box and some jewellery to go with it. A gorgeous jewellery box that we found on kijiji for less than we planned to spend! She also got a Bath and Body Works set. She’s such a preteen…

christmas eve2 

Charity, has wanted a guitar for years now. We looked, but decided we couldn’t spend that much money this year. I prayed about it and kept my eye out on kijiji. We had a budget of $25 each, and I found a brand new- still in the box- student guitar for $25!!! We tricked her by just giving her a dollar store basket with a pair of sunglasses and a hair band- she thought that was what her dad had bought her! She was just a tad bit excited when he pulled out the guitar. :) Ella, got dollies like she had asked for from her big sister. All the girls got some jewellery from mom and dad. Prayer got her easel- another kijiji find! We tricked her as well, and just wrapped the giant roll of paper for the easel and said that she could roll it out on the floor… The easel was hidden behind the couch. ;)


I love my kids. There’s nothing quite like watching the joy on their faces as they open presents. AND presents that they picked out for eachother…

Scott spent the next 3 hours helping to assemble Lego sets. I took care of Lily, helped Charity tune her guitar, and hung out with the girls. We ate pizza for dinner and relaxed in our new pjs, in front of the fireplace, in our new home. I am feeling extremely blessed this Christmas Eve.


On Christmas Day, I stayed home from church because of the colds my kids had, the pink eye, and Elijah’s asthma acting up. 

We had family and friends over for dinner…


This doesn’t even show the kids’ table!

I didn’t take many pictures- but I guarantee that we enjoyed the day. Aunt Gail, kept Lily more than content (Fast asleep!) while I cooked. Scott, played PS3 hockey with Adam, James, and Robbie. They were LOUD! Well, mostly James… He is hilarious! We love James and Tracy. I’m so glad they were able to come! My sister, mom, and mom in law, were a huge help in the kitchen. Not to mention, Eve! She took everyone’s drink orders and filled their glasses. Uhh… cups. ;) The girls played cards with great grandpa- Keona was quite excited when she actually beat him at a game of crazy 8s!


I am so very, very thankful for all of our family, and adopted family this Christmas!

God’s been good.


Off to Wasaga Beach tomorrow, to spend the day with more family! And no, despite what Jeddy and Ella may try to tell you- we are NOT going to be building sand castles or going swimming at the beach! :P

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Our card this year…

 front of christmas card2 

Now I just have to work on getting a picture of all EIGHT of them together! :)

I decided to use the card to double as a birth announcement for Lily, as well.

The inside… 

inside of card2inside of card copy

Back of the card…

back of card


Please forgive me if you usually get a card from us and didn’t this year… I only ordered 75, and barely got those out in time. Some are still coming late! :)


We had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. I’ll share photos soon.

For now… Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Her Is So Cute!


“I just lub her! Her is SO cute!!!”

Why do I have a feeling that this photo is going to define their relationship?…

Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Point Form…

I’m blogging in point form because I’m tired and I don’t feel like trying to make a post “flow” tonight.

  - In the last two months, I’ve spent a  night (or several nights) in the hospital with three of my children. Most recently, Elijah. Elijah, who at almost 8 years old, had only ever seen a doctor for a regular check up.  He had an asthma attack, and had to stay over night in the paediatric ward of the hospital. His O2 level was at 85% when we got to the ER. They rushed him right in- no 6 hour wait for us! He barely had any energy at all when we got there, but after the meds (and steroids) kicked in, the kid couldn’t stop smiling! Not to mention that Elijah, Lily, and I got our own room and at 10pm at night, the nurse rolled in a TV and xbox 360. I don’t know whether the xbox, or the elevator ride on a stretcher was the highlight of his stay. Or maybe it was the chest xray. Or the fact that they serve coffee with breakfast in the paed wing??? I didn’t let him drink it…

Ah yes, the joy of hospital stays. It was quite the reminder of how thankful I should be for my kids’ health.


- We had friends over for homemade poutines. Scott cooked. JosieAnne and I decided that next time they come over, Scott and Marcel can cook, while we paint!

- We went to the seniors’ home for our Christmas service. Rita, must have pulled Elijah’s head in (Elijah, who is very standoff-ish- doesn’t even like hugs!) and she rubbed noses with him over and over again! I was extremely proud of him for being polite and not running away from her. :) Ernie came down to see the kids even though he isn’t doing so well these days. He gave them all quarters and hugs. Lily and Ella got more kisses than I could count! Everyone was quite excited to meet Lily for the first time- she was a hit! One old lady ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ at her while Keona had her and kept saying, “Oh, isn’t he cute!” When Keona corrected her and said, “She’s a girl.” The lady responded with, “Oh, don’t worry. He’ll grow another eye soon!”

We love our seniors!


- We teased the triplets that they’re like a zoo attraction. “ Look! It’s triplets! Come see this! They’re identical!” Said a group of nurses as they walked by… Then they all proceeded to walk over and touch them and talk about them. Ha!


- I still haven’t edited my photo session of Lily… It’s kinda hard to do without a mouse. Hopefully, Scott will hook up my PC this week. *Hint, hint* ;)

-This may sound incredibly frivolous, but I miss my laptop. I miss my perfectly calibrated screen; my files and filing system; a mouse to use while I edit photos; my laptop… Still very angry with myself.

- As I was cutting Jed’s hair tonight, I said, “I need you to turn this way, hun. Look at me.” To which he replied, “Sure! I like looking at you. You’re pretty!” This kid is going to be a serious charmer…

- Ella’s new favourite phrases, “Oh man!” “Stink!” (Kinda like ‘shoot!’ or ‘darn!’- but she says ‘stink!’) “What!?!?” When she thinks something is crazy… and “No way!” She has also learned to roll her eyes, and has decided that she’s too old to go in the nursery.


-  It’s “weird” that my body makes milk “like a cow.”  According to Elijah…


-My little brother slept over last night and we all played Quelf. A game in which I had to do a square dance while singing, pretend to be a stand up comedian, end every sentence I said with “izzle”, and smell Prayer’s shoe.

Fun stuff!


- Eve and I finished making the wreaths that I started about… 2 months ago? I’m pretty happy with them. Less than $15 for both of them. They may be too plain? They will have to do for this year!


- Keona is getting too big, too fast. Just had to buy her a women’s small in pyjamas… Tomorrow night, she goes to a youth Christmas party with her friends. I’m old…


- I am finished my Christmas shopping! Can’t wait for the weekend… 3 more sleeps! :)


Check out those cheeks! Baby is gaining weight!

P.S. She smiles cause she is in my bed again… I’m sure of it!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just When I Started Blogging Again…

Just when I started to get back into blogging mode, I dropped my laptop. Dropped my laptop on my new ceramic (read: stone-like) kitchen floor. I dropped my laptop while I was moving it to KEEP IT SAFE from the kids. Can you tell that I’m still mad at myself??? I dropped it a week ago. Thankfully, after spending a small fortune, we were able to get everything off the hard drive. But… the screen was shattered and the laptop itself- is toast. (Insert crying smiley here)

Later that night, Jeddy came over to me and said, “I just can’t say it!!!”

I asked him what he was talking about, and said, “Oh, just a Christmas present I’m going to get you!”

I said, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah! I’m going to buy you somethin’ but Dad’s gonna pay for it. Cause I don’t have enough money…”

Me: “Does Dad know about this?”

Jeddy: “No. But I’m gonna tell him!”

I love that kid.

So, I promise that there will be some pictures of Lily and the house soon- but they’re waiting on Scott getting my PC up and running again.

DSC_0034 copy

But for now…

On a brighter note- we are done school for Christmas break! We ended today with a debate- Who’s Smarter: Women or Men?

Keona is getting into debating now. It was always one of my favourite parts of Jr High… when we got to debate! So, we started her off debating her Dad- just for fun and good practice! Keona sat on the couch across from Scott, and we had the triplets and Elijah as an audience. The debate went back and forth with points such as, “All the greatest inventors were men!” to… “Who were homeschooled by their MOMS…” ha! Followed by a list of great minds who were taught by women. (You go girl!)

Anyhow, eventually Scott started to pull ahead and Keona was running out of arguments. That’s when the triplets jumped in… Scott had 4 girls arguing with him at the same time! I’m laughing just picturing it in my head… They are passionately debating their points, while Elijah sits on the couch across from them with his fingers pinched in front of his eyes saying, “Squish, squish, squish!” The kid was pretending to squish his sisters…

Then the argument got into Adam and Eve and Scott made the point that Eve was deceived and not Adam. The girls started to argue it and Elijah shouts over all four of his sisters, “Read your Bible!”

Oh man, this, after Scott saying that the feminist movement was dead (as a joke about something) and Charity piping up, “No, it’s not!” I explained to her what the feminist movement was today…

They crack me up. I had to laugh today while Scott was in the livingroom with seven (SEVEN!) women! These girls love their Dad, and I am loving their personalities, and seeing their own opinions form on things as they grow up.


Lily, is doing extremely well. She is now fitting into all of her newborn-sized outfits. She does however, refuse to sleep in her crib. I can’t complain though. I can’t really blame her either. Technically, she would still be in the belly- so she has an excuse! :)

Ella, who we worried about being jealous. Isn’t jealous at all so far. Possessive of “her baby”- yes. But jealous- no.


Scott, went out grocery shopping today and came home with a princess costume for Ella. And a tiara to top it off.


He tried to put the tiara on her several times but I guess he wasn’t doing it right, cause she took it out of his hands and said, “Just let Mom do it!” Once I had put it on, she ran back over to him with her big puckered lips and gave him a big I-love-you-daddy kiss on the cheek!


P.S. Have I mentioned lately that I hate our cats? Anyone want to take them off our hands??? Free to a good home! ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011

“The Baby”

On Sunday morning, Scott took a few of the kids who weren’t coughing quite so badly to church. I stayed home with the really sick ones. Keona looked like a walking corpse. Poor thing… and Jed, well he couldn’t stop coughing, but that didn’t deter him from running around non-stop.


Shortly after breakfast, I noticed that my braxton hicks contractions were becoming more frequent. Not painful. Just more often. Around lunch time, I decided to time them, and noticed that they were about 5 minutes apart. That lasted for an hour and then stopped. This continued all day long. I texted Scott to warn him. He told his Mom to be ready to head over ‘just in case’… but I really didn’t give it much thought. Afterall, my body refuses to go into labour… and I’m only 35/36 weeks. Mind you, my OB had told me that she wouldn’t be surprised if I went early- seeing that the baby was measuring farther along… and to come in right away if my contractions lasted more than 1/2 an hour.


Fast forward to Monday morning… the contractions were back. Still not “labour”… but they were definitely getting more noticeable. My back was cramping with them now, and every once in a while I had a sharp pain by my c section scar. Which was a little bit unnerving with how many c-sections I’ve had. After speaking with my OB’s assistant, we decided to head into the hospital totally expecting to be back home in a few hours.


At first, the monitor was picking up my contractions and I honestly started to wonder if I was crazy. I told Scott to come put his hand on my stomach just to be sure I wasn’t imagining things… After moving the monitors around and the pain getting a little more intense, they decided to start an IV to see if that put a stop to things. Nope. Still thought I was going home shortly. Then they gave me a shot of… cannot remember the name of it- but it made me feel like I was in a dream for the rest of the night. That didn’t work to stop the contractions either. Before either of us were expecting anything, the OB came in and told us that we were heading to the ER right away for a c-section. They didn’t want to risk any damage to my scar…

Yikes! Nurses were handing me papers, quizzing me on past surgeries, allergies… you name it! I could barely put a sentence together, nevermind remember any of those things! I started crying as I was telling Scott to call my Mom and scribbling down random numbers as my kids birthdates, that made no sense at all!

About 20 minutes later, at 6:12pm, a 5lb 10oz baby girl was born!


I was positive, that I was having a boy- so we didn’t have any girl names picked out! She remained “the baby” until the next morning.


The rest of the events of that evening are less than pleasant, and not particularly ones I want to remember. My perfectly healthy, crying-like-a-champ baby, was taken from me shortly after I got her because she was “grunting” (diagnosed by a rookie paediatrician) put on an IV for antibiotics it turns out she never needed, poked over 8 times as they tried to get an IV into every single one of her limbs, before they finally put it in her umbilical cord and x-rayed her to make sure it was in right, accidentally pulled it out, put it in and x-rayed her again, and then… she was diagnosed with erratic breathing. Well I guess so! I would be breathing pretty erratically after going through all of that as well! I got to see her again at 3:30am, when I was told not to touch her so that the IV doesn’t come out. The IV she never needed in the first place… But I digress…


Daddy’s hand…

The next morning after going to see her in the nursery, we named her “Lily Elizabeth.” Neither of those names had come up throughout the entire pregnancy. And… we agreed on it right away. Ha! “Lily” after my mom, and “Elizabeth” after Scott’s grandma.


Thankfully, she never had another problem for the next 4 days that she spent in the hospital.


Me, holding her for the first time after the whole ordeal…

It was not how I had envisioned her birth.

My kids were not there. We didn’t get all the pictures I had planned. My kids didn’t get to see her until Saturday, because they were all so sick that we couldn’t bring them into the hospital to visit. But God is good! My new OB was on call the day we came in and she is a brilliant surgeon. My surgery that was expected to have complications- went flawlessly. Scott was able to take the week off of work without any problems. Between my mom and Scott’s mom, we didn’t have to worry about our other kids at all. Lily, was a perfectly healthy little girl in spite of being born early. She has nursed like a little piggy from the get-go. She got to come home to the same house as our last three… Oh yeah, did I mention that we moved 9 days after she was born??? :) The rest of my kids are healthy again, and thankfully didn’t pass anything on to their baby sister. So many things to be thankful for…


Cell phone pic of her ‘going home’ outfit!

Two weeks later, and she has already filled-out that sleeper!


So there’s the story.

Now you’ll have to put up with me posting pictures of her constantly!

Her, and my new house… ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Trip to the ER

(Back-dated for archiving sake)

It all began about 3 weeks ago, when Scott and I, went away to a church planting conference in Barrie and decided to get a hotel and stay overnight. We figured that with a new baby coming, it would be our last getaway for a while! We got home extremely early on Wednesday morning. That Friday, Scott took Keona away to a youth conference in Barrie. That same day, all of my kids decided to get sick. Not one or two, all seven of them. Poor Keona, had to sit out of several activities (including her favourite- dodgeball) because her cough was so bad that it was triggering her asthma. Back at home, I was sitting in my bed at about 1am watching a movie on my laptop. Jeddy walked out into the hall and through his laboured breathes said, “I… love you… Mom…” and went right back to his room. The way he was breathing worried me a bit, and his face looked a little odd. I figured that it was just from him sleeping, but decided to go check on him anyways. When I went in to check on him, he was gasping for each breath and his face, arms, and legs were all swollen with hives. I brought him into my room to keep an eye on him, but his gasping and coughing continued and the swelling was scaring me a bit. I called my Mom to come over since Scott was 3 hours away, and headed to the ER with him. There was no wait, they took him straight to the back when they saw his breathing and put him on oxygen. We stayed there for the next 6 hours. Breathing treatment, oxygen, repeat…


The RT came in to see him, and asked him a few questions to see how his breathing was while he carried a conversation. (Not to mention that his heart rate was in the 120’s due to the breathing treatments!) He told her right out of the blue, “The Bible is the most important thing. It’s God’s Word, you know!” She told him that he was right, and asked him about school. He continued to tell her, that He was in kindergarten and that he could spell “cat” and “Polhamus” and that Mom was his teacher, and that there were 7 kids in our house, and that Mom was having another baby in 3 weeks… Needless to say, he didn’t have a problem talking at this point! He also asked her if he was going to get a needle. When she told him “No, I don’t think you’ll need one.”

He said, “Well, you can give me one if you want to!”

I think he may have been slightly delirious at this point!


She commented on how I looked like I was ready to have the baby, and she would keep an eye out for me. At 34 weeks pregnant, let’s just say that the little plastic hospital chairs were slightly less than comfortable. She suggested that I hop into bed with Jeddy, and we both try to get some sleep.

Jed, insisted that I was NOT allowed to sleep at the hospital. He told me that he would have the nurse wake me up and send me home. When I explained to him that I wouldn’t leave him there alone, he replied, “But you need to sleep Mom. I’m fine. The doctors and  my nurse will watch me!”

We slept together for about an hour, and then a nurse came in to check on Jed and I woke up. Jed’s nurse was a 6 foot 5 inch, 250lb, black man. He lifted my hulk of a son, like he weighed nothing. It was quite entertaining to watch. He also called him “Jedi” all night. I don’t know if he thought that’s what I was calling him, or if he just made it up himself for fun. Either way, Jed seemed to like it!

Thankfully at 7am, his O2 levels were back up into the high 90’s and we were able to head home with a brand new puffer.

I’d love to say that was the end of all the sickness in our house, but it continued for the next 2 weeks! And little did we know, how right that RT was about me being back very soon to have the baby!


34 weeks

Monday, October 31, 2011


I just had to read my last blog post, to see where I left off. It has been that long. Again. In reality, it seems even longer. Ha!


Thankfully, our house is SOLD! It has been sold for a while now, but it still feels good to say! Smile We have returned all of the staging furniture and decor to my amazing friend, Stef. All of that beautiful decor, that I was terrified my kids were going to break, or draw on, or something like that. It all survived! My children made it through with only 3 changes of clothing, and 1 church outfit! We put the rest of the clothing and dressers in my parent’s garage until the move. Which reminds me, I should really take a picture of their garage before we move everything out. It is packed!

30 days, until this is our new home…


I don’t want to share a whole lot of pictures from inside until we move there, and it’s our stuff in the house- but I have to share the picture of my new kitchen. Cause really, I walked into the kitchen, and I was sold on the house…


And this picture doesn’t even really do it justice. It is so much brighter in person!

The most amazing thing in all this, is that we’ve seen God work through this entire situation. We didn’t even realize until AFTER we bought this house and got the floor plans, that it is the model we were looking at having built a year ago. A year ago, when we decided NOT to go ahead with things because we just knew it was us pushing it along, and it wasn’t God’s timing. We waited for His go ahead, and got what we had asked for to begin with! There have been so many little answers to prayers along the way… I have prayed for a long time, that God would prepare the perfect house for when He was ready to move us. This house is exactly what we would have asked for (had we even known what to ask for) and so much more! I have a fireplace this Christmas! And not just any fireplace… but one with a big, gorgeous, white mantle like I have always wanted. God pays attention to details… and like any loving Father, He knows His children well.

This house is truly, an undeserved answer to prayer. We are looking forward to using it for His glory!

30 days!!!

Speaking of countdowns, only 41days until baby arrives! Maybe less…

See, I had my c section scheduled… but then my doctor just found out that she needs to have surgery! Which means I’ll be switching OBs, and possibly dates. I will find out tomorrow at my appointment.

I was planning to make everyone Christmas hats, scarves, mittens etc. this year, and do some fun photos of the kids in red and white… but then, I didn’t. I DID make a pair of mittens though! Well actually, I made a mitten. Yes, one mitten- and then I ran out of that yarn. I had altered the pattern to make it slightly larger, and a week later when I got more yarn and went to make the other one- I forgot that I had altered the pattern. Sooo… Ella, has two slightly different looking mittens. You can’t really tell. Unless you look at them…

I am finishing up the photos of a sweet little family, and of a recent wedding I shot, getting the CDs out- and then I’m done for the year! Done with other people’s pictures anyhow. Hopefully, that will leave me with the drive to take some of my own family! Though I did take some of the kids recently…

kids copy

And one of my little brother…


I took some more of my kids as well, but I’m saving them for our Christmas card! I just need one of the baby. :) So, the cards may be a little late…

Speaking of which, I wanted to make a hat for the baby’s photo, but since we don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy, I have to make one of each! We still don’t have a name picked out for this little one either… Yikes. Well, if you asked Scott, he would say that he has names picked out. But I disagree… We are having some issues on this topic. Names, and whether or not the bedroom window stays open when it’s sub zero temps…

I have rambled enough. This is what happens when I don’t blog often… Ok, one more story and then I’m done!

My girls, (and boys actually) are readers. They love to read, and most of the time, they even love to read to their younger siblings. So in turn, Ella has become a reader. The other day, she was sitting beside me on the couch flipping through one of her favourite books, when she turned to me and said, “I wish I could be in this book. I wish it was real, and I could be in it.” I remember feeling that way about stories I read when I was a teenager!

I said one more… but I lied. Last week, in the middle of the night, I heard, “Mom…” Which worried me a bit, cause it was Jed’s voice. Last time I heard him say my name in the middle of the night, I looked out into the hallway to see him covered in blood from a nosebleed, and I spent the next half an hour cleaning blood off of everything. I reluctantly opened one eye and saw him standing right in front of me. No blood… Phew!

“I love you…”

That’s all he said.

Then, he walked back to bed.

That kid melts me.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Excuses, Excuses…


My excuse for not blogging during September…



Our house… is actually… for sale!

We have spent the last month; painting, cleaning, purging, moving, staging, more cleaning, more painting, and finally- showing! It has been a whirlwind- let me just say that…

That, and I never want to see another paint brush again. Ever…

We bought this house when I had just turned 19. We have been here for 9 years this October! This is the only home that 6 of our kids remember. We have so many memories here…

That being said, I am extremely excited about the opportunity to move!!! We are praying that we can be settled into a new home before the baby arrives.

The baby who now has a scheduled birthday… December 11th it is!!!

Even though baby is currently measuring over two weeks ahead of schedule… My OB is pleased with how the  pregnancy is going, and my only restriction (when she heard we were planning to move) is NO lifting.


So, if my blogging remains sporadic for a little while longer- forgive me. I’m probably chasing my kids around, nagging them to keep the house in perfectly-spotless condition, just in case we have a showing… 

Tonight, we spent an hour at the library while people were checking out our house. I told the kids “two books each”- we left with about 40… Oh well, it should give them something to do since the majority of their books and toys are currently packed up and in my parents’ garage…


And just because blogs are more fun with pictures…

Our church had a “picture day” this past Sunday, and though I took the pictures- here’s a quick one of my family that I snapped with my remote.


I saw a sign recently on “Pinterest” that read:

“Getting everyone out of the house should be considered an Olympic event.”

I agree.

Especially on Sunday mornings.


So no… we didn’t even co-ordinate or look all that great for “Picture Day"…

Oh well.

Scott and I didn’t kill eachother either though we came close… while trying to get 7 kids ready for an entire day out at church, while leaving the house in perfect condition for a showing, and all before 8am.

So, I consider it a successful day anyhow.

And one more funny- just cause it made me laugh…

Last night, I was sitting downstairs replying to some emails during the kids’ reading time. When I heard Ella yell, “You’re SO mean!” as she stomped her little feet out into the hallway. Someone said something else, and I heard her take a few steps back and scream, “You’re the meanest one!!!” Then, at the very top of her lungs she finished it off with, “EVER!!!” As she stormed down the hallway and into her room…

A little dramatic, perhaps?

I was sure that she was unhappy with one of the triplets, as she always refers to them in a group… But apparently, it was Keona. Still not sure all of what was going on, but it sure gave me a good laugh. That child is going to be a true drama queen.


Ugh… and now my useless old cat is sitting here, staring at a spider on the wall, meowing at it. She use to kill them. Now she just meows and watches them walk by. Both of my insect-killers are asleep. So, looks like I’m going to have to take care of it.

Hopefully I’ll be back before another month passes by!

Hopefully, with pictures of a new house!!! Winking smile


P.S. 72 days til baby!

P.P.S. Anyone want to buy our house??? :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Little Buddy

Jeddy, turned 5 last weekend.

He has been counting down the days, since there were over 90 to go.

On Friday, I took him out for his birthday treat. Usually, the kids go out for breakfast with Dad for their birthdays- but Jed insisted on going out with Mom. For ice cream. So, off to Baskin Robins we went! He ordered his own cone of cotton candy flavoured ice cream, and decided that we should sit at one of the tables to eat. He sat there almost silently the entire time, just enjoying his treat. (A very different experience from taking one of the girls out!)

We went to Walmart and he helped me lift the cat litter into the cart. When we got up to the checkout, he walked right up to the cashier, and said, “Can you just scan this so my mom doesn’t have to lift it again, please?” Completely unprompted. I don’t know how he even knew to ask for something to be “scanned.”

He still helps me cook every chance he gets. He holds the doors open for me and his sisters. He loves light sabers and toads. His favourite food is pasta- but NOT lasagna. He likes building lego ships with his big brother, and he dances with his little sister. He even “dips” her…

He asks me atleast once a day, “Can I help you with somethin’ Mom?”

He’s five- and no longer in my toddler class at church…



A little birthday party at Nana and Papa’s on Sunday…


I could not be more proud of my little, Jedidiah.

Happy Birthday, bud!

I love you.


Yes, I also had a birthday last week- I’m waiting until after this Friday when my hubby and I go out for my birthday date to post pics! I’ll have to squeeze a very overdue belly one in there… :) 10 weeks to go!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It’s August 31st.

Tomorrow is the first day of September. Which means… 3 months to go!

I am by nature, a numbers person. Today, I quoted my 4th grade bike lock combination to Keona. I can tell you every phone number of every best friend I’ve ever had, and I create a countdown to almost everything without even thinking about it, in my head. Call me crazy… Keona did.

I am also a planner. I like to plan something way ahead of time, mark it on the calendar, prepare for that date, and then count down the days while looking forward to it. Maybe that’s where Jeddy gets it from?

6 more days til school…

11 more days til Jeddy’s 5th birthday…

7 more til mine…

16 until the Blue Jays vs Yankees game…

93 til baby…

Did I mention that I may have a slight case of OCD?

Which wouldn’t be such a big deal, if it didn’t cause me such problems when things don’t go as planned. Or when I can’t plan things. Or when there is no way of knowing what is coming next, if anything at all.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago, that I was blogging about Scott finishing Bible college and us praying about where God would have us go from there. Now, we’re praying about what’s next. I’m not ready to share too many details yet- but let’s just say Scott has a big dream. I completely share this dream with him, but like I said… I want to plan, and be practical, and analytical… And well… God doesn’t usually work that way. I’m learning a big lesson on faith right now- relying completely on Him. Because right now, none of it is in my control.

I’m so thankful that He has a plan for us, a countdown in His timing, and that He is preparing us perfectly for the job He has in store.

Speaking of Jeddy, (kind of…) he was watching a movie of his choice in the basement with Ella and Elijah the other day while the girls and I sorted through this years’ school stuff when he came wandering up the stairs. He climbed up next to me on the couch, put one arm around me and the other on my belly, and said, “I love you, Mom.” Just like that. Then, he hopped back down and wandered back down to the basement to finish watching his movie. How could I NOT want another boy???


Speaking of school stuff… we are finally ready to go! I’m excited to have some routine back in our lives, the kids are excited about their brand new notebooks, and freshly sharpened pencils… but what I think we’re all most excited about…

I invested in some old, character-building novels for literature this year. Twenty-seven of them, to be exact. All written in the 1700’s and 1800’s.


I have had to guard them under lock and key to keep my girls from getting into them and reading them before the school year! Our plan is to read one together each month. It may work out to be more than one a month- we’ll see how it goes.


I have a feeling that we may be doing some extra reading while we are on our extended Christmas break in December… ;)


Ah, how I love feeling my baby kick.


Remembering to slow down and enjoy the moment,



P.S. All my kids made it home safe from camp. No tornadoes- praise the Lord!

P.P.S. Yes, I always gain 60-70lbs. With every pregnancy… :/

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camp, Thunderstorms, and Crocheting

Whew! Time is flying… I’ll be 25 weeks this Friday.

I’m currently sitting in front of the TV, watching the weather channel, and all these crazy storms that are passing right over the camp that 4 of my kids are currently at. Tornado warnings… Ugh! I’m sure the girls are just fine, and probably think it’s a great adventure. Elijah however, who has dreams about me leaving him behind and a tornado sucking him up… Lets just say I’m a little concerned that he may not find the Tornado drills quite so much fun.

Ella’s new favourite sayings, “What in the world!?” and “Oh gweat!”

Though she definitely has some attitude issues, she is irresistible.

Today, all she wanted to do was sword fight with her Daddy. Once he had to go to work, she spent the afternoon playing lego with Jeddy.


Ella and Jed, have been best buddies these past two weeks, as my only non-campers.


Poor Keona, has been bored out of her mind the last few days. She really doesn’t know what to do with herself without the other girls here.

She had a great time at camp during her week though! Other than coming home and having to straight to the hospital with a spasming neck muscle…


You can see how she was holding her neck in a crooked position here…

(Camp photos courtesy of Calvin)


Keona and her friend Kaitlyn

Apparently, her Uncle Robbie was her personal bodyguard for the week and he did a good job protecting her from some boys who were angry with her for trying to save the toads they were torturing. Robbie stepped up and said, “Touch her and die!” Hahaha… Gotta love that.


Keona’s cabin

Before she went to camp, Keona was able to finish the blanket she was crocheting for Danica.


I’m pretty impressed with her first attempt at such a large project. She already has plans to make another blanket for our baby. It will have to be neutral, since we have no idea what the baby is!

Did I mention there are only 99 more days to go!?

Jeddy has me doing a countdown.

On another note, I can’t believe how quiet my house has been this week! Making half a dinner, doing half the dishes, only putting three kids to bed- it has been so strange! We even took the car when we went out for ice cream on Monday night- no bus! ha…

Anyhow, it’s late and I’m exhausted. I’m really due for another belly pic- I’ve atleast doubled in size since the last one. A lady at church asked me how far along I was and when I told her I was 24 weeks, she said, “Oh, you’re big!”

I nodded and laughed.

“You’re going to have a big baby!” She insisted.

“No… I have small babies. I just get really big…” Was my reply.

And it’s true. Sixty to seventy pound weight gain, for a 7lb baby…

Oh well… More details of my last OBGYN appointment coming up with the belly pic! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011




They say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Is that family? It’s family in kind perhaps, but not in spirit. It’s family out of necessity even, but not a loving cushion against the world’s harsh realm. No, thousands of blackbirds flocking together are no family. Just being a group of a kind who stick together for mutual benefit doesn’t make it family. Being a part of the Geese’s “V” in the late fall, when the leaf colours begin to change, doesn’t make you part of the family. If one were to fall or tire, and drop from the sky, the flock would not stop to aid, the rest would not carry him through. None would mourn that one’s death, but instead, they would simply fly on, as though nothing had happened. No, family is more than being together, and its more then just a social collection.


Family is knit in love, and broken by nothing. It is gained by gift, and given forever. No matter what the effort, one is always family. Though they live in a different home, or fly with a different flock, when it comes to who you are, you are still a member of your family. Some by birth, some by adoption, some by vow, but all in the gift of love and forgiveness, received in that eternal bond that never breaks, family.

sarah and steve copy

Family are the ones you want there when it means the most. Family share “popping the question” and family see the vows exchanged. Family rejoice in excitement at the announcement, and then anxiously await the climax of birth. Family are there to help when we recover. It’s family who celebrate birthdays, and anniversaries, and magnificent accomplishments. We want family to be proud, and we want them to see our best, through really, to family, that’s not really what’s important. Families are constantly trying to reunite, to somehow gain the good given from our last great meeting. It’s our family that we would labour all day to give a half hour meal. It’s our family that we would labour our life away for, and deny ourselves for, so that they can enjoy some good of our labours.

We trust family when we are at our weakest, and when we are most in need; it’s family we can call. When disease attacks, it’s family that toils late in the night in prayer, and works without reward to see that nothing is lost for that shaken one. Family stands by in the darkest times, and in the most perilous of hours.

There is always family to call, if a tire goes flat, or a cheque bounces. It’s family we think of first, when bomb siren rings, or the earth shakes, or the storms devour the land. Tragedy only strengthens our resolve and fortifies our wills. We will not be torn apart no matter what comes, no matter how bad, no matter the circumstances, be it life or death.


We know we will never go hungry, if we are so humble as to ask our family. We know, as long as we have family, we have a safety net if we should fail. We also know, there is always someone who needs our help. There is always a channel to be unselfish, to give, and to show our love from within.

It hurts to lose family. When one is gone for a time, it nags constantly of worry and doubt. When one is gone forever, mourning wrings the tears without notice or schedule, when smile or charm passes briefly within our memory. So much love given, so much time spent, and so many memories shared; was that all lost with the losing? What is the worth, if we eventually fade and leave, and part ways in death? The truth, family is meant to be forever, not just for life.

DSC_0667 copy 

Death is a thief easily caught. He is a foe already conquered. We need not part forever, from our family. God did not make family so that we are missed when we’re gone, but rather to remind us that we should seek to meet again. Eternity is but a step away for us all, a lesson often restated in remembering those we miss.

God would give you family forever, His family, the same way we have given others our family. The same way we accepted those, to whom we’ve decided to love, and made them as blood, and took them for ours forever, God would vow to you today. He gave His Son on the cross to give you and your family an eternal reunion. Don’t miss it.

Receive His forgiveness and love today, in His gift of eternal life. Become a part of His family, and enjoy the goodness of family that is forever.


“He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” – 1 John 5:12

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” – John 1:12

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: - 1 John 3:1

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