Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Weekend Away…

Scott and I were able to sneak away for a few days this past weekend. We left on Thursday morning for Niagara Falls and came back on Saturday evening. We had a jacuzzi suite- overlooking the falls. It was magnificent.


We were 27 stories up, and had a fireworks show on Friday night.


We just sat and enjoyed the view in front of the fireplace while I massacred him at Scrabble we played Scrabble. Yes, we brought Scrabble. I feel like we should have been on that senior citizen’s bus tour…

Just kidding.

About feeling like a senior- not the Scrabble.

All that to say- the view at night was amazing.

DSC_0195 We spent our days shopping in the States. Scott went from never having crossed the border as an adult, to having crossed it three times in one weekend! I got him to stop at a Salvation Army to check out the books, but it was a disappointment. I only bought one book for 31 cents. The 31 cents part was nice. We spent an hour in another book outlet store we found. We bought brand new hymn books for $3.00 a piece.

Scott wasn’t impressed by the outlets. He didn’t seem to understand how a $400 purse on sale for $150 was a good deal… :) We didn’t spend much time there. We did however, save $207.36 at Kohl’s on Saturday morning! We didn’t even know that the sale would be going on. Scott stood in line while I shopped. It was a long line. Who knew Britney Spears had her own brand in the states?

We prayed for God to help us find good deals while we were there, and He provided. At one store, the cashier asked us if we had a members’ card. We said ‘no.’ So she replied, “Oh, well I’ll just use this one for you!” Swiped it and gave us 30% off! At another store, the lady in front of us in line, paid for her stuff and then said, “Here, use my 15% off card!” So we did… Not to mention we arrived at Kohl’s an hour before the huge sale that we didn’t even know about was over- completely by accident! Such a blessing…

We bought lots of Christmas gifts so I can’t share too many details.


Oh, and we ate. We ate lots. Like WAY too much…


Cheesecake factory (that was our lunch on Friday… ha!)


Bob Evans (we both ate until we felt sick that night…)

It was the perfect long weekend getaway.


We woke up to an equally wonderful view.


I had planned to wake up and take sunrise pictures- but I slept in.

It was nice.

I’m so thankful that my hubby forced me to take this break with him.

Though I didn’t take a ton of pictures- I sure have a lot of fun memories.


  1. I love that you two make time for each other and get away every now and then. And that you play Scrabble. You, Scott, David and I should go on an Alaskan cruise together one day. We'd totally fit in with the senior citizens-- AND we could play boy vs. girl Scrabble! :)

  2. hahaha... THAT sounds like fun! ;)


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