Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Three hours later…

Elijah got a K-Nex set as a gift at Scott’s work party. (The same work party in which Ella was a total grump. She high-fived Spiderman and hugged Snow White, but completely freaked when we started to walk towards Santa to get her present. She needed a nap…)

But pretty cool, right?

A working roller coaster, with a real motor, chain lift, and everything! Usually Scott is the one to help the children put Lego sets together. I can handle an Ikea chair or dresser- but a million little pieces is enough to drive me mad. And being the perfectionist that I am- I can’t put it down until it’s done. I once spent all afternoon try to transform Metronome (as Prayer calls him) er, Megatron- and was quite upset when I had to admit failure and hand it back to my 7 year old.


Anyhow, Scott wasn’t home. Elijah really wanted to put this thing together- so, I decided I could help him.

Three hours, and a hot glue gun later…


Yep, I totally hot glued that one little dysfunctional piece into place…

He had his roller coaster!

DSC_0327 copy

Today… he decided to take it apart.


In other news, Prayer put Ella’s hair into braids yesterday! It is still so short that I never would have thought to try that- but it looked absolutely adorable!


That’s her fake-it-for-mom’s-picture smile…


Scott bought a few old Nintendo games for our Wii. We now have Dr. Mario, Tetris, and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Oh, the memories of wanting to kill my little sister because she tripped over the Nintendo cord and unplugged my game that couldn’t be saved…

The other day, we had finished school by lunch time, so Scott and I decided to play a game or two of Tetris before he left. It was a competitive Tetris where you can cause grief on the other person’s game with items you get from tetrises. We only planned to play one or two games, but when I beat Scott – he has to play again. And again. And again.


Right before he left for work, he asked the girls, “So, what did you learn in school this morning?”

To which Eve replied, “That Dad can’t beat Mom at tetris!”

I love that girl!

P.S. That wasn’t really what they learned in school. She's learning to use sarcasm. A little too well.


We also baked, what were definitely the best sugar cookies that I’ve ever baked before.

Which doesn’t really say much.

But I know they were good…


Cause they’re all gone now.

Can’t wait to bake some more Christmas goodies!


  1. That's how Anson & I fell in love--playing Tetris on two gameboys attached together while on choir tour! We yelled and screamed at each other; and I definitely almost always won:)

  2. is that fondant icing on your christmas cookies?

  3. No, it's royal icing. The girls and I piped it around the edges and then flooded the middle of the cookie. :)

  4. I can't even think about Tetris! That is the most addictive game and it made me so crazy I had to stop. I would look at the skyline of downtown and picture how to move the buildings so they would all fit right together. Ack.

    Love the braids AND her camera smile!


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